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What could be better then Breakfast in Bed?

Below is our absolutely surprisingly delicious Breakfast in Bed Cupcakes! A French Toast Cupcake with Maple Buttercream and topped with some crispy Maple Honey Bacon!

It might sound weird, but trust me, this is one of the best Cupcakes you will ever taste. We even have it requested for weddings! Trust me!

Remember you can find our Cupcakes at Whelan's Coffee and Ice Cream!


Mmm Cookie Dough....

Who doesn't love Cookie dough?? And who doesn't love Cupcakes? Put those two together and you have one unstoppable Cupcake!

Okay, maybe not, but it is crazy delicious! It has cookie dough in the center of the cupcake, and Cookie dough Icing! Topped with mini chocolate chips. These are amazing with a cold glass of milk!

Raspberry Cheesecake!

Mmmmmmm We recently made some delicious Raspberry Cheesecake cupcakes! We've drizzled the tops with delicious Chocolate ganache and raspberries!

Want some? Don't forget you can now find Cupcake Carousel Cupcakes at Whelan's Coffee and Ice Cream!



How absolutely adorable are these?

We have Little Chicks, Easter Bunnies, Elegant birds nests and Little Sheep!

Currently on sale for Easter, 12 Cupcakes in any design for $25! You can also do a combination of our Easter designs for a one of a kind special Easter.

Click here to order yours today!

March Weddings!

We were fortunate enough to be a part of Kelly and Mike's absolutely beautiful celebration!

They ordered, Vanilla Raspberry Cupcakes which had raspberry Bavarian cream in the middle, Cookie Dough Cupcakes with Peanut butter frosting and fondant initials, and Smores Cupcakes!

They had a wonderful reception and heard from Kelly that everyone loved the Cupcakes!

Congratulations Kelly and Mike!


Bake Sale for Japan-BID NOW!

Click here: http://www.thetomatotart.com/life/online-bake-sale-japan-auction/

To bid for items to benefit Second Harvest in Japan!

I am participating in the Bake sale for Japan event! I am going to be making my absolutely delicious Moist Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes! You will be able to view all of the creations, and make your bid on the 30th of March.

You will receive 12 cupcakes in our infamous Mason Jars! Please give generously!

All further details can be found here: http://www.thetomatotart.com/life/bake-sale-to-help-japan/


Iron Cupcake Milwaukee!

WHEW! What a crazy event!

We had SO much fun! Thank you to everyone who came out to support the event. We had an absolute blast and would do it again in a heart beat!

Enjoy some great pictures below, if you would like to see a video of the event, featuring Cupcake Carousel several times...click here!

Getting ready for the event! I have NO idea what I would have done without Amy and Leanne!

Our Nice Cupcake, a vanilla raspberry cake with Vanilla buttercream and Raspberry coulis!

Fellow competitor Nikki Burns from Goodbye Gluten myself, and I think you all know Duff!

The insanity that was Iron Cupcake Milwaukee!

Our two flavours! our Naughty Chocolate Cupcake was a spicy Chocolate with spicy Chocolate ganache and a homemade strawberry sauce....of course with edible underpants because it was naughty!



Two very lovely people were married today and I was able to have a small part of it. Making Cupcakes and Cakes for special occasions is my favourite thing. I always feel honored that Brides, Grooms, and Birthday Girls and Boys want us to be a part of their special day!

They had a beautiful reception at a Golf Course today. Even though there was no green grass the quiet serene and beauty from the snow made it feel that much more intimate. I hope they had a wonderful wedding day!

Cupcake tower on top of the piano...that was a new one, I'm pretty short so it was a challenge getting up there!!

S'mores Cupcakes and Boston Creme Cupcakes!

Our new stand!


Little Debbie Cupcake Carousel Style

Our version of this little Debbie treat (that I admittedly have never even eaten...) consists of our rich chocolate cake, with a raspberry on the bottom. Cream cheese frosting center, and a rich chocolate ganache on top, complete with the swirls of course!

mmm swirly goodness

The center was really good because it wasn't too sweet :) Plus everything is better with raspberry added!!


Snowmen Cake!

This is a vanilla cake with raspberry chocolate ganache in the center and a vanilla bean buttercream.

I made the snowmen for the kids! They loved it and even wanted to eat their dinners so they could have some :)

Snowmen are made and dressed out of fondant!

Snow buddies!

Fishing Snowman!

Skiing Snowman!


30th Birthday Party

So one my best friends just turned 30, and every girl deserves a fabulous cake for her 30th Birthday. So I made her a Marie Antoinette style cake with roses and Cala Lilies and everything pink.

I made a three layer cake, two layers of Vanilla Bean with raspberry and chocolate ganache in the middle, and the middle layer was a lemon cake with lemon curd and raspberries in the middle and I covered it with pink vanilla buttercream.
It was so good, and we cut slices all the way through the three layers...that's how we roll on our 30th birthdays! :)

Some great pictures below!

Cookie Party -Drop in and Decorate-

I hosted a Cookie party with some great friends to help make cookies for a Party hosted by our Church. Heartlove Place Ministries is a great ministry for children and they threw a great Christmas party for the kids! So we had a ton of fun decorating cookies for the event!

WE decorated over 100 cookies for the kids. I made a combination of shortbread, sugar cookies and brown sugar spice!

Enjoy the pictures!

Here are the cookies I decorated and made for the invites for the cookie party!

Danyelle, Suzan and Elizabeth hard at work!

Caroline, Sarah and Suzanne making beautiful presents and snowflakes!

Leanne and Carrie show off their interesting cookie decorating skills :)

A beautiful Hot pink snowman!


Halloween Cupcakes!!

We had a couple of events this week, our daughter had a school pumpkin party, and we had a potluck at work! So I made some Iced Cookies and Ghost cupcakes!!!

The cupcakes were vanilla with chocolate frosting. The cookies were brown sugar spice cookies Recipe from Bake @ 350.



Wedding Fever

Apparently October is the time to get married! Cupcake Carousel has been busy with weddings all month!

Below are some great shots we've taken!

Vanilla cupcakes with a hershey's kiss in the middle, and Chocolate cupcakes with Boston Creme in the middle. They also ordered cookies.

Don't you just love the bride and groom cupcakes at the top??

Mocha and Blueberry Cupcakes, with real lavender flowers!

I loved their cake topper! Silver balls seemingly floating on the cake!

Chocolate w/ Almond, Vanilla w/Coffee and Pumpkin with cream cheese! They were married at a garden, so we added flowers to their cupcakes!

Love their topper as well, I made tiny kissing love birds out of chocolate to match their topper and invitations.



I subscribe to a number of blogs, one of them being the incredibly creative How Does She?com.

She recently ran a post about the PERFECT Chocolate Chip Cookies. I have been on what seems a life long search for the said Perfect chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. And since I have tried so many, I can tell by the list of ingredients/quantity if I even want to try them out. And I did!

I'm glad I did, although I wouldn't classify it as necessarily my 100% never fail favourite cookie recipe, theses were incredibly good. Sort of crunchy on the bottom and chewy and yummy on the inside. They were delicious. Larry and I just had to snack on some last night with milk (and I don't even like milk!!).

Two thumbs up from us!!


Iron Cupcake Madison

So the wonderful and beautiful Nancy Sorensen started Iron Cupcake Madison!!

The first event was this past Friday, and the secret ingredient was Coffee!! We had such an amazing event, it was held at the Washington Hotel Coffee Room.

Jacki won for best flavour, I won for best display and Mikelanne won the Queen's choice!!

To join the followings of Iron Cupcake click here to follow on Facebook!

Enjoy some photos below!

My display all set up!

Mocha Cupcakes with Coffee Buttercream -the BEST buttercream I have made to date!

Cappuccino cupcakes with Cappuccino Cream cheese frosting. I attached a chocolate pretzel as a handle!! This won best presentation!! SO Adorable!

End of the night, all done!