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Iron Cupcake Madison?

No one has been a bigger fan of Iron Cupcake than me! Well okay...that's not true, but I have wanted to participate in one for a VERY long time. But a few things keep getting in my way:

1. The closest Iron Cupcake Challenge is in Milwaukee.
2. I always become lost while driving in Milwaukee.
3. I always forget about the challenges because they are in Milwaukee.
4. I always become lost in Milwaukee...

So I have contacted Sandy for some more information on beginning an Iron Cupcake Madison!! She has been MORE than kind with her time in answering all of my sometimes repetitive questions, and I think I have a basis on how we can start one.

So what else do I need? I need YOU! Yes, that's right! I need to know who in the Madison WI area would like to participate in an Iron Cupcake Challenge, who may be interested in co-hosting and or co-creating these Iron Cupcake Challenges with me!

So anyone who is interested please respond here, or email me: cupcakecarousel@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading everyone!

With Love,

Cupcake Carousel


  1. Hi Sarah,

    I just went to my first Iron Cupcake Challenge in Milwaukee this weekend! I am probably not very good at hosting, but I would LOVE to bake! I would love to see Iron Cupcake happen here in Madison! Just wanted to let you know that you have an interested party!

  2. Hi Ashley!

    Thank you so much for writing! I'm so happy you were able to check out an Iron Cupcake in Milwaukee!

    I have had a couple of others email me and I've put together sort of an idea of "positions" that people could take on to help us get Iron Cupcake Madison going.

    If you would like more information you can email me cupcakecarousel at gmail dot com

    I'll try to post more information on our Facebook page too!!

    Thank you again for letting me know about your interest!

    xo Sarah