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So we celebrated Father's day a little early in our house. And I decided to make Dad a wolf cake! He loves wolves.
I've never done a 3D figure before so I made some mistakes, but also learned a lot.

The cake was chocolate peanut butter, and so was the frosting.

He loved it and was so surprised. When I asked him if there was too much peanut butter in the cake he said "No, it sticks to the roof of my mouth, I love it!"

That means there is probably too much peanut butter for the rest of us!


With Love,

Cupcake Carousel

I even made eyelids for his eyes!! I need to get a better camera.

This wolf have been beefing up his legs like crazy!


Camping anyone?

Okay, so two of my favourite people (outside my family) kind of gave me the break I was waiting for.

They trusted me with baking and creating the cupcakes and cake for their wedding. Their wedding!! I had never done a wedding before, I was a little nervous but mostly determined to provide them with the absolute best cupcakes and cake they had ever tasted.

Last year around this time they did Lemon cupcakes which were so moist and dense and absolutely bursting with lemon flavour. I topped it off with my now semi famous cream cheese frosting in a Tiffany blue and edible glitter. The second was a chocolate cupcake with raspberries (one of my favs!) topped with a dark chocolate ganache and a sea shell (beach wedding theme) made out of blue fondant. For their original wedding cake I made a chocolate cake into a Tiffany ring box with a bow.

They are pretty traditional and wanted to save the wedding cake to have on their first anniversary, but do to unforeseen events it just wasn't possible. So they contacted me again to make their 1 year anniversary cake. I hope this becomes somewhat of a tradition!! This time they were going camping so they challenged me on how I could make a cake with a camping theme. As soon as they said it my mind started racing with ideas!

So I made a mocha cake with vanilla buttercream into a tent. I added a roaring fire, because what's camping without a fire. Added roasting marshmallows...because what's a fire without marshmallows? And even a little pond with a frog!

When her husband came to pick up the cake he was blown away! I love doing that.

Anyways, please enjoy my pictures and let me know if there are any questions!

With Love,

Cupcake Carousel

Look at that roaring fire and those yummy marshmallows!!

I loved the frog. I used tiny Nonpareils for his eyes!

Lovely little scene!



That's RIGHT! For Father's Day, and our cupcake of the month is your very own Golf course!!

Help Dad eat his way to an Eagle! But watch out for those sand traps!!!

Ordering info can be found here! Order soon to ensure delivery in time for Father's Day!

With Love,


Cupcake Carousel


Wedding Cupcakes

I made some example/taste test cupcakes for a clients upcoming wedding for her and some friends to test out.

I loved the cake choices she went with, she decided on Blueberry and Mocha! So original!

So I made a few different design options for her.


With Love,

Cupcake Carousel

Layered ribbons with lavender flowers and silver balls nested in secret places:

Same design but in a silver liner:

Open star tip with lavender flowers

Closed star with silver balls

How will she choose?


May the Force be with you...

I made some Key Lime Pie Cupcakes for a friends birthday after his wife contacted me in secret!

First off, I have to say that these cupcakes truly were amazing. They were so moist and bursting with key lime flavour. I even hid some of the key lime filling inside of the cupcake! I finished the top off with some key lime cream cheese frosting.

He is also a huge Star Wars fan, so I had to make the cupcakes all decked out with some light sabers! And of course what are Star Wars cupcakes without Yoda and Darth Vader?!


With Love,

Sarah Couto
Cupcake Carousel

The battle begins! (love the Yoda and Darth!)

Who will win out?

Which side will you choose? Good or Evil?


Cookie Art

This truly is what the title says! Cookie Art!! I somehow stumbled upon Bake at 350. Brace yourselves people, this is one of the best blogs I have stumbled upon in a long time. This woman takes creativity to the max and then super sizes it! Or something...
Her cookies are unique and absolutely gorgeous, you'll love them. And they really aren't that hard, to prove it, even I could do it!

I used my favourite shortbread recipe...but then, I'm partial to shortbread. You can use your favourite sugar cookie recipe as well. Basically any cookie recipe that you can roll out.

She gives you a lot of great instructions and tutorials as well. Like I said it is one of the best blogs I have come across in a long time. Please check it out!

With Love,

Cupcake Carousel

Piped my outline and let it dry for 24 hours:

Then I filled them in and tried my hands at some different designs:

Dinosaurs! ROAR!

Loved the hands:

Couldn't cut out some cookies without butterflies for the little one!