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Cupcake Carousel is giving away 4 Easter Cupcakes!!

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The drawing will take place on Monday March 29 5:00 pm CST. The winner will be posted, and we will try to contact through email for address, if not check back here on Monday and Tuesday to email us your address!!

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  1. Does this have anything to do with the Iron Cupcake Madison competition?

  2. remember the L'eggs eggs that pantyhose came in? my grandma used to make one for each of us and put a hint inside with some candy. one year my hint said "these will roll your summer days away". i got roller skates =-}

  3. All of my Easter memories are good ones. But my favorite would have to be when i was a kid and waking up and running downstairs to get my easter basket. It was like a mini-Christmas, and with a kid's favorite thing-candy. Then my mom, brother, and I would all go out to my aunts and my whole family would be there and all of us kids would have Easter egg hunts in the backyard and try the hardest to get the plastic eggs with the $1 bills in them. :)

  4. My favorite memory would have to be getting together with the whole family for Easter dinner. It was always a huge production with so much food and dessert, we'd be eating leftovers for days. Most of us live pretty far apart now, so it's nice to think of the times we were all together.

  5. I love getting together with my family every Easter. One year we had a big group of people that didn't know each other, my sisters had brought friends home from college. All of us under 25ians were had the "kid's table" and my sister had the idea to have us all break the ice by telling embarrassing stories. It was hilarious, and a great time.