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Camping anyone?

Okay, so two of my favourite people (outside my family) kind of gave me the break I was waiting for.

They trusted me with baking and creating the cupcakes and cake for their wedding. Their wedding!! I had never done a wedding before, I was a little nervous but mostly determined to provide them with the absolute best cupcakes and cake they had ever tasted.

Last year around this time they did Lemon cupcakes which were so moist and dense and absolutely bursting with lemon flavour. I topped it off with my now semi famous cream cheese frosting in a Tiffany blue and edible glitter. The second was a chocolate cupcake with raspberries (one of my favs!) topped with a dark chocolate ganache and a sea shell (beach wedding theme) made out of blue fondant. For their original wedding cake I made a chocolate cake into a Tiffany ring box with a bow.

They are pretty traditional and wanted to save the wedding cake to have on their first anniversary, but do to unforeseen events it just wasn't possible. So they contacted me again to make their 1 year anniversary cake. I hope this becomes somewhat of a tradition!! This time they were going camping so they challenged me on how I could make a cake with a camping theme. As soon as they said it my mind started racing with ideas!

So I made a mocha cake with vanilla buttercream into a tent. I added a roaring fire, because what's camping without a fire. Added roasting marshmallows...because what's a fire without marshmallows? And even a little pond with a frog!

When her husband came to pick up the cake he was blown away! I love doing that.

Anyways, please enjoy my pictures and let me know if there are any questions!

With Love,

Cupcake Carousel

Look at that roaring fire and those yummy marshmallows!!

I loved the frog. I used tiny Nonpareils for his eyes!

Lovely little scene!

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