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We're jammin we're jammin!!

That's right folks!! Jam! I love making all kinds of different things and one of those things is Jam!!!

I started making it last year when I made some wonderful shortbread (we all know I'm partial to shortbread) cookies. They were beautiful stars with a window and homemade jam behind it!

So we went to pick some raspberries with the kids one Sunday...and after desperately trying not to be eaten by mosquitos and as a result somewhat sweating to death... :) we made it home with 6 pints of Raspberries!! I also added some fresh rhubarb we had. This jam doesn't have any sugar, as I don't really feel like any is needed with fresh fruit bursting with juicy goodness.

I still have to wait about 10 more hours before they can officially be declared ready, but so far all lids have been sucked in!! :)

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